Providing each and every child with a holistic educational experience is important to us. All our schools offer a vast array of after school activities designed to enrich student learning, encourage creativity, broaden horizons and develop additional skills.

Our unique co-curricular programme, run during school hours, extends curricular learning by providing students with creative, performance, service and sporting opportunities. Our house system and student council encourage a strong sense of community, leadership and team spirit.

Physical Education
SOAR physical education focuses on the development of each student’s holistic well-being. We consider sports to be highly important, benefitting students’ physical health and teaching important life skills such as teamwork, leadership and respect. Our focus is to teach our learners the love of sports and also to deal with the challenge of disappointment and not winning!

Arts (drama, music and visual art) are a powerful learning tool for communication and expression, and are an essential part of our curriculum. The arts help students explore, shape and communicate their sense of identity and understanding of the world, and in turn develop creativity, self-confidence, resilience and adaptability.

Community Service
At SOAR, we value the connections we have with one another as a community. We are committed to promoting positive change through taking action. Service in our schools is often focused within our community. Sustainable initiatives, such as green energy, recycling, saving paper and making connections with local community including Charity Bake Sales, visit to Old Homes & Orphanages, are examples of service and action that can be found in the classrooms of even our youngest learners.

Field Trips
Field trips often connect our learners to the local community and support or extend what is being learnt in class. This hands-on learning develops an excellent understanding about the real world as well as a sense of independence.