Welcome to Pakistan’s first STEM school

(Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

with a concept-based curriculum.
SOAR is not just a school. It’s an incubator of great ideas. It’s a place of innovation and collaboration. A place where you can join the dots and make connections. At SOAR, we ensure that a child reaches his full potential by offering a “concept-based curriculum” which opens teaching to the world outside.

Our curriculum is a blend of academic and moral values ensuring the development of a holistic individual. We focus on quality teachers so that we can impart quality education where each student is treated as individual and all at an affordable fee.
Give your child the best start and let him/her discover a world of opportunities with us!

Our Vision

Our vision underpins our teaching and learning. Through the promotion of positive learning attitudes and a growth mindset, we strive to develop skills, ambition, confidence, care, respect and tolerance in our students.
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Our Mission

Our vision and mission provide us with our overall direction. They are fundamental in everything we do: from how we teach, to how we learn, to how we develop teaching and learning in the classroom.
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Our Aim

Our aim is to create a happy, caring atmosphere in which students and adults show consideration and respect for each other at all times. We aim to provide the highest standards of education in an inclusive environment.
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What motivated us to start SOAR STEM Schools?

Pakistan will soon be the 5th largest country by population, but it will need to become much more competitive in the world of science, technology, arts, engineering, and mathematics to even come close to the 5th place in education and claim its rightful place in the world community. For the country to rise to new heights, it needs to raise a workforce that is a notch above and that takes a generation to build…
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